Buy your royalty-free song today - easy and low-priced!

Download your royalty-free song today!

What can I expect from a royalty-free song?

Any song you can download from our extensive library is royalty free. That said, what does royalty-free mean? It means that the rights to any particular song belong to its respective author. Our professional and highly acclaimed composers retain the rights for their work – and we are offering the appropriate licensing for you to use their tracks in your projects. Since no third parties are involved in the distribution of rights, you don’t have to worry about future claims from fee collectors such as GEMA. We want you to focus on your creative work, not on legal issues.

Royalty-free song advantages

We recommend downloading a royalty-free song for

  • Adverts
  • Trailers
  • Movies
  • Corporate films
  • Showreels

For what projects can I download royalty-free songs?

Short answer: for virtually anything you like. Long answer: our versatile song library offers some of the best stock music compositions. We are working constantly to expand our offer. That said, we’re trying to cover as many genres as we can, from energetic guitars to smooth Jazz, from electronic sfx sounds to epic orchestras, from playful and uplifting songs to dark and sinister tracks. You can use our music for your radio play, TV advertisement, holding loops, or simply as background music for your café or restaurant. Whatever you intend to do with our songs: we’ll offer you the appropriate license.

How can I download a royalty-free song?

Downloading a royalty free song from our library is easy. First, make sure you register with Sonic Liberty. Don’t worry: registration is free. Then, select any song from the library (you can also search for keywords and music genres). Navigate to the right side of the screen where information on the track will be displayed. At the bottom, you can choose between three audio formats to download: AIF, WAV and MP3. Click on one of the links – that’s it! By the way: downloading tracks is free. You will receive the full version of the track in the highest quality. Thus, you can test it as long as you like. When you decide you want to publish your project, you will need a license corresponding to the intended use. Please refer to our licensing chart for further information.